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Coughlin CR, Scharer GH, Friederich MW, Yu H-C, Geiger EA, Creadon-Swindell G, Collins AE, Vanlander AV, Van Coster R, Powell CA, Swanson MA, Minczuk M, Van Hove JLK & Shaikh TH (2015) Mutations in the mitochondrial cysteinyl-tRNA synthase gene, CARS2, lead to a severe epileptic encephalopathy and complex movement disorder. J Med Genet 52, 532-40
Perli E, Giordano C, Pisano A, Montanari A, Campese AF, Reyes A, Ghezzi D, Nasca A, Tuppen HA, Orlandi M, Di Micco P, Poser E, Taylor RW, Colotti G, Francisci S, Morea V, Frontali L, Zeviani M & d'Amati G (2014) The isolated carboxy-terminal domain of human mitochondrial leucyl-tRNA synthetase rescues the pathological phenotype of mitochondrial tRNA mutations in human cells. EMBO Mol Med 6, 169-82