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Lewin MH, Bailey N, Bandaletova T, Bowman R, Cross AJ, Pollock J, Shuker DEG & Bingham SA (2006) Red meat enhances the colonic formation of the DNA adduct O6-carboxymethyl guanine: implications for colorectal cancer risk. Cancer Res 66, 1859-65
Cross AJ, Greetham HL, Pollock JRA, Rowland IR & Bingham SA (2006) Variability in fecal water genotoxicity, determined using the Comet assay, is independent of endogenous N-nitroso compound formation attributed to red meat consumption. Environ Mol Mutagen 47, 179-84
Bandaletova T, Bailey N, Bingham SA & Loktionov A (2002) Isolation of exfoliated colonocytes from human stool as a new technique for colonic cytology. APMIS 110, 239-46