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Interface mobility between monomers in dimeric bovine ATP synthase participates in the ultrastructure of inner mitochondrial membranes

Dimeric ATP synthase accommodates itself to the membrane curvature in mitochondrial cristae along th

In a research article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, Tobias Spikes, Martin Montgomery and John Walker have shown how the mobility in the interfaces between monomers in dimeric bovine ATP synthase participates in forming the characteristic and ever-changing ultrastructure of inner mitochondrial membranes. This article has been selected by the PNAS as a research highlight.

Structural insights into the role of mitochondrial complex I in heart attack

A collaborative research project led by Professor Judy Hirst at the MBU, working with Mike Murphy (MBU) and Thomas Krieg (Medicine), provides important new insights into the cell damage that occurs during heart attacks. This work, published in Nature Communications with MBU PhD student Zhan Yin as first author, focuses on a version of mitochondrial complex I that contains a single amino acid mutation.

Milo Keynes Prize awarded to Pedro Guiomar

Pedro Guiomar has been awarded the Milo Keynes Prize for the academic year 2019–20, in recognition of the very high quality of his PhD thesis entitled “The role of RNA modifications in mitochondrial translation”.

The Milo Keynes Prize is awarded by the Degree Committee for the Faculties of Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, on behalf of the Director of Postgraduate Education for the School of Clinical Medicine.

Professor Judy Hirst appointed director of the MRC MBU

From the Regius Professor of Physic and Dr Rob Buckle, Chief Science Officer at the MRC

On behalf of the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the University of Cambridge, we are delighted to announce that Professor Judy Hirst has been appointed as the next Director of the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit.  Judy has been the Interim Director since 1 April 2019 when Professor Massimo Zeviani stepped down.