John Walker - Named Lectures

1994 Nathan Kaplan Memorial Lecture, University of California at San Diego, U. S. A.
1995 Novo-Nordisk Lecture, Copenhagen, Denmark
1995 The Krebs Lecture, Sheffield University, U. K.
1996 The CIBA Lecture, Biochemical Society, London
1996 The Peter Mitchell Lecture, EBEC Conference, Louvain, Belgium
1996 The Lecturer of the Year, The Netherlands Biochemical Society
1998 First Chiron Lecture, Marburg University, Germany
1998 The Inaugural Rodney Porter Lecture, Oxford University
1998 The Seventh Norman Heatley Lecture, Oxford University
1999 The Inaugural Albert Neuberger Memorial Lecture, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
1999 The Inaugural John Kendrew Memorial Lecture, The Weizmann Institute, Rehovoth, Israel
1999 The FECS (Federation of European Chemical Societies) Lecture, IUPAC Meeting, Berlin, Germany
1999 The EMBO Lecture, Biochemical Society Meeting, Cork, Ireland
1999 The Eraldo Antonini Lecture, 44th Annual Congress of the Italian Biochemical Society, Sardinia, Italy
2000 The Eyring Lectures, University of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona, U. S. A.
2000 The Messel Lecture of The Society of Chemistry and Industry
2000 The Kunio Yagi Lecture, The 18th IUBMB Meeting, Birmingham, U. K.
2000 The James Orten Lecture, Wayne State University, Detroit, U. S. A.
2000 The Jerry Weisbach Lecture, Rockefeller University, New York, U. S. A.
2000 The Third Zawicki Lecture, Rothamstead, U. K.
2001 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Lecture, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.
2001 The Varandani Memorial Lecture, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, U. S. A.
2002 The Darwin Lecture Series 2002. 2nd lecture on “Power in the Cell”. Darwin College, Cambridge University, U. K.
2002 The Ada Doisy Lecture, University of Illinois, Urbana, U. S. A.
2002 The Chilton Foundation Lecture, University of Texas, Dallas, U. S. A.
2002 The Prichett Lecture, University of Birmingham, Alabama, U. S. A.
2003 The GlaxoSmithKline Placement Prize Lecture, University of Bath, U. K.
2003 Ceremonial Opening Lecture, Center for Membrane Proteomics, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany.
2003 Clayton Foundation Lecture, University of Texas at Austin, Texas, U. S. A.
2003 Dean’s Distinguished Seminar Speaker, University of Colorado Health Science Center, Denver, Colorado, U. S. A.
2003 Georgi-Militzer Award Lecture, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, U. S. A
2003 The Calbiochem Lectures, University of California at San Diego, California, U. S. A.
2004 The 17th John Colter Lecture, University of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
2005 The Wills Lecture, Queen Mary, University of London, U. K.
2005 Lars Ernster Lecture on Bioenergetics, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University, Sweden.
2006 The Royal Society of Chemistry Biomembrane Chemistry Award Lecture, London, U. K.
2006 The EMBO Nobel Lecture, Sheffield, U. K.
2006 Meeting to commemorate the 100th anniversity of the birth of Professor Aleessandro Rossi Fanelli (founder of the Rome Biochemistry School and Academic Secretary of the Lincei for many years), Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Rome, Italy.
2007 Harold Ackroyd Inaugural Memorial Lecture, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, U. K.
2007 Honorary Lecture for the 150th birthday of A. N. Bakh, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.
2007 Inaugural Maurice Wilkins Lecture, Maurice Wilkins Centre for Biodiscovery, Auckland, New Zealand.
2007 EMBO Lecture Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting, New Zealand.
2008 MRC Lecture, American Society of Toxicology Meeting, Seattle, U. S. A.
2008 The Inaugural Baddiley Lecture, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, U. K.
2009 Max Gruber Lecture, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
2009 The Ruysch Lecture, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.