Mike Murphy delivers The Keilin Memorial Lecture 2016

The Keilin Memorial Lecture in 2016 was delivered by Mike Murphy at The Biochemical Society's 79th Harden Conference, 'Oxygen Evolution and Reduction - Common Principles'.

The Conference was held at Grauer Bär, Innsbruck, Austria from 16—20 April 2016, where Mike was presented with the Keilin Medal and a prize of £2000.

The Keilin Memorial Lecture was instituted in 1964 to commemorate the late David Keilin, a Cambridge biochemist, who made outstanding contributions to research on cytochromes. It is given every two years by a scientist who has contributed to scientific knowledge in a field related to Keilin’s interests.

Mike Murphy received his BA in chemistry at Trinity College, Dublin in 1984 and his PhD in Biochemistry at Cambridge University in 1987. After research visits to the USA, Zimbabwe, and Ireland he took up a faculty position in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand in 1992. In 2001 he moved to the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, UK (then called the MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit) where he is a group leader. His research is concerned with all aspects of mitochondrial function and dysfunction. Currently his special interests are in targeting small molecules such as antioxidants to mitochondria, and in understanding how modifications to the thiol status of mitochondrial proteins contributes to oxidative damage and redox signalling.

Congratulations Mike!