Ian Fearnley

Ian Fearnley

Mass Spectrometry Facility

Identifying and characterising mitochondrial proteins and their associations

Mass spectrometry and proteomics have become important tools for studying biological systems. They provide the means to identify and characterise proteins within sub-cellular fractions or organelles, identify protein associations, and connect proteins with particular activities, functions or networks.

The mass spectrometry group is a core facility providing a range of tools and services and, crucially, the specialist expertise and advice to support proteomic analyses, protein identification and characterisation, and the quantification of small triphenylphosphonium compounds as markers of mitochondrial oxidative stress. Protein identification and characterisation define the proteins in bands and spots after gel electrophoresis, identify protein modifications (stable and potentially regulatory effectors of protein function), identify components of protein complexes, and define protein interaction partners. In more complex experiments, comparative changes in mitochondrial protein content are investigated using quantitative proteomic techniques following perturbation of the expression of a selected mitochondrial protein by RNA interference (RNAi)

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