Translating translation: regulated protein translation as a biomedical intervention.

TitleTranslating translation: regulated protein translation as a biomedical intervention.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsTain, LS, Whitworth, AJ
JournalFly (Austin)
Date Published2009 Oct-Dec
KeywordsAnimals, Disease Models, Animal, Drosophila, Parkinson Disease, Protein Biosynthesis

Altering the cellular response to internal and external stressors is essential for survival, hence the process of translation is exquisitely regulated to rapidly change the proteomic profile upon physiological challenges. We recently reported that genetic and pharmacological manipulation of translation may be beneficial in the treatment of Parkinson disease (PD). Using two Drosophila models of PD, we showed that altering the regulation of protein translation is sufficient to ameliorate the phenotypes of these models, including neurodegeneration, mitochondrial defects and behavioral deficits. Previous studies implicating translation regulation in lifespan extension further implicates this as an important mechanism that can mediate cell protective pathways, not just for age-related diseases such as PD, but also of aging itself. As such, translation regulation represents a convergent target for therapeutic interventions. Here we highlight the therapeutic potential of translation regulation in disease and describe how determining profiles of protein synthesis may help in the fight for disease prevention and healthy aging.

Alternate JournalFly (Austin)
Citation Key10.4161/fly.10309
PubMed ID19875944