Faculty and topics

ATP synthaseUnderstanding the molecular mechanism of how ATP is made. John Walker
Bacterial complex IThe structure and function of bacterial respiratory complex I. Leo Sazanov
BioinformaticsUnderstanding mitochondrial processes by using computer modelling and simulation. Alan Robinson
Mitochondrial carriersTransport of metabolites, cofactors and ions across the mitochondrial inner membrane. Edmund Kunji
Mitochondrial complex IUnderstanding the molecular mechanism of complex I and its roles in human disease. Judy Hirst
Mitochondrial dysfunctionTargeting molecules to mitochondria, mitochondrial radical production and redox signalling. Mike Murphy
Mitochondrial geneticsDiscovering the genetic links between mitochondrial dysfunction and human disease. Michal Minczuk
Mitochondrial medicineMolecular definition and mechanistic elucidation of mitochondrial disease Massimo Zeviani