World Mitochondrial Disease Week

This week, 13-19 September 2020 is World Mitochondrial Disease Week.

An initiative of International Mito Patients (IMP), World Mitochondrial Disease Week raises awareness of mitochondrial disease (mito) on a global scale through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities.

As we have not been able to organise any live events for this week, we have compiled a short presentation of our annual "Wear it Green" and "Bake it Green" activities held in previous years.


John Walker’s group solves the structure of the dimeric ATP synthase from bovine mitochondria at atomic resolution

Tobias Spikes, Martin Montgomery and John Walker have solved the atomic resolution structure of dimeric ATP synthase from bovine mitochondria by cryo-electron microscopy.

The ATP synthases are complex molecular machines embedded in the inner membranes of mitochondria where they produce almost all the ATP required to sustain life by a mechanical rotary action. Single ATP synthases associate into dimers and form long rows, influencing the formation of characteristic cristae which change shape constantly.


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