Michal Minczuk collaborates with Venki Ramakrishnan on ribosomal rescue in human mitochondria

Venki Ramakrishnan (MRC LMB) and his research group, in a collaboration with Michal Minczuk, obtained cryo-EM structures of mitorobosomes purified from human cell line known to have a high propensity for ribosome stalling. This cellular model was generated by Michal’s group as a part of the PhD project of Sarah Pearce.

Milo Keynes Prize awarded to Pedro Guiomar

Pedro Guiomar has been awarded the Milo Keynes Prize for the academic year 2019–20, in recognition of the very high quality of his PhD thesis entitled “The role of RNA modifications in mitochondrial translation”.

The Milo Keynes Prize is awarded by the Degree Committee for the Faculties of Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, on behalf of the Director of Postgraduate Education for the School of Clinical Medicine.


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