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World Mitochondrial Disease Week

This week, 13-19 September 2020 is World Mitochondrial Disease Week.

An initiative of International Mito Patients (IMP), World Mitochondrial Disease Week raises awareness of mitochondrial disease (mito) on a global scale through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities.

As we have not been able to organise any live events for this week, we have compiled a short presentation of our annual "Wear it Green" and "Bake it Green" activities held in previous years.


MRC Cambridge Activity Book

UKRI Medical Research Council (MRC) scientists in Cambridge are studying all the different ways that medical science can help protect our health and improve our lives. This activity book is for people of all ages to explore the variety of MRC-funded work that takes place in Cambridge. Our work involves examining everything from the cells and organs in our bodies, all the way up to the places where live... and all the things in between!


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