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2015 Cambridge Big Biology Day

On Saturday, 17 October 2015, members of the MRC MBU showcased the Unit’s work at the Cambridge Big Biology Day event, held at Hills Road Sixth Form College.

Proteins are molecular machines in our body that perform many different tasks. They have a defined structure that can be determined using a technique called X-ray crystallography.

At the event, visitors grew crystals of protein, a pre-requisite for crystallography, and looked at and analysed their structures using the latest computer programs.

The Fox Got You

The Fox Got You is an art and science project celebrating six common plants which are at the origin of five major medicinal drugs.

Scientists at the MBU collaborated with the photographic artist, Francoise Sergy, whose exhibition was shown at the Oxford Botanic Garden during the summer of 2015.

At a public event on Saturday, 11 July, visitors met the artist and the scientists, clinicians and patients involved in the project, who talked about their work and experiences. 

MRC MBU at the Big Bang Fair Eastern

On 1 July, 2015, members of the MRC MBU participated in the Big Bang Fair Eastern, held at Newmarket Racecourse. 

This event is for secondary school students aged 11-18 years and aims to inspire future scientists.

We took our posters, movies and computer games and used them to explain mitochondrial disorders and how they cause mitochondrial diseases. 

We had a steady stream of young visitors and tutors throughout the event and we thoroughly enjoyed discussing our science with them.


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