science festival

Cambridge Science Festival 2010

Working together with designers Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl, we explored new ways of representing the molecular world at this year's Science Festival in Cambridge. We invited people to colour a 2.20 x 6 metre mural of a mitochondrial network. Children of all ages and adults engaged in this mitochondrial paint-by-numbers event. The first step was, via a computer test, to find out which colour each visitor preferred.

Cambridge Science Festival 2009

The Mitochondrial Biology Unit participates in the Cambridge Science Festival every year, and staff and students participating in the development of posters and events are very enthusiastic about it. As something new the posters this year were based on a highly visual design clearly emphasizing the importance of visuals in the research process as well as in the communication process. The posters explain how the body uses energy stored in food to produce ATP.


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