Open Day 2015

On Wednesday, 24 June 2015, the MRC MBU opened its doors to the public for its annual Open Day.

During the course of the day we welcomed approximately 50 visitors, including three scientists and four tutors who accompanied students from three local schools/colleges.

Tours were scheduled every two hours and included:

  • Talks to explain what mitochondria are and the causes and effects of mitochondrial diseases
  • Scientific demonstrations on crystal production and growth
  • Computer games aimed at understanding mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Posters explaining the science
  • Movies

Our visitors also met with scientists of the Unit, who explained their work and gave insights into what it is like to work and study at the MRC MBU.
Feedback has been excellent. Students were invited to submit three words describing their experience and these are shown in the feedback chart.

We are extremely proud to have staged such a successful event and we look forward to 2016.