Art Exhibition: Mitochondria and Energy Conversion

In June, 2010 the MBU held an art exhibition, featuring the works of three artists. Some of these works were purchased for permanent display in the Unit.

Odra Noel

Odra Noel trained as a doctor at the University of the Basque Country, and gained a PhD in basic science at the University of London. Her research activities exposed her to cell culture, organ dissection, tissue analysis and morphological studies with both optic and electron microscopes. Her preferred art mediums are mosaics, tiles and silks. Her main subjects are healthy human organs and tissues, cell structure and mitochondria. Odra Noel combines scientific work with scientific art creation. Her paintings have been exhibited in research institutions and art galleries. She created the front cover of Dr Nick Lane’s book “Power, Sex and Suicide – Mitochondria and the meaning of life” (2005). She lives in London.

Ina Schuppe Koistinen

In her daily work as a scientist in biomedicine and molecular toxicology Ina Schuppe Koistinen is confronted with questions that often requires long and systematic work. Watercolours encourage spontaneous decisions. In her watercolour series about biology she combines the art and the science. Her paintings on mitochondria have been published in Dr Nick Lane’s book “Power, Sex and Suicide – Mitochondria and the meaning of life” (2005). She lives in Sweden.

Colin Rennie

Colin Rennie is a glass artist from the University of Sunderland. He is well known in the international contemporary glass scene. He has previously been shortlisted for the prestigious Jerwood Applied Arts Prize. Colin Rennie originally made the glass representation of ATP synthase for the Design for Science exhibition at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. Having plotted the location of each molecule he used a very powerful cutter to pierce and cut each layer of glass. These 30 layers were then stacked in order creating a three-dimensional model of ATP synthase in a cubic metre of glass. Colin Rennie is based in Sunderland.

Further Connection

Odra Noel visited the MBU again on 28 April 2013, when the MBU and the Cambridge Insitute of Medical Research (CIMR), with whom we share the Wellcome Trust/MRC Building, held at private view of Odra Noel's collection.

This exhibition included The Map of Health, which was purchased by CIMR for permanent display in the building.