MBU scientists secure funding for research on Pearson Syndrome

Michal Minczuk, leader of the MRC MBU’s Mitochondrial Genetics research group and his postdoctoral colleague, Payam Gammage, have been awarded $100,000 by The Champ Foundation to carry out research into Pearson Syndrome – a multi-system disease caused by a deletion in mitochondrial DNA.

The funding has been awarded for two years and the research proposal is one of two projects to be selected from a shortlist of five worldwide.

The proposed research builds on the Investigators’ expertise in applying designer nucleases, such as mtZFN, to manipulate mtDNA. As Principal Investigators on the project, Michal and Payam will work to develop treatments and models for diseases caused by mitochondrial DNA deletions using various engineered nucleases.

The Champ Foundation was founded in 2015 in honour of William Reynolds, who was diagnosed with Pearson Syndrome when he was two months old.

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