Junior Research Fellowship for Olivier Biner

Congratulations to Olivier Biner, who has been awarded a Junior Research Fellowship by Christ's College, Cambridge. Olivier is a postdoctoral scientist, working in the complex I research group, which is led by our Deputy Director, Professor Judy Hirst.

This Junior Research Fellowship is a non-stipendiary award, tenable for up to four years, and with affiliation to Christ's College.  It is awarded, for excellence, to earlier career researchers.

As a Fellow of the College, Olivier will be part of its Governing Body and he will have an opportunity to undertake a few hours of undergraduate teaching each week.

Olivier's research project is focused on reverse electron transfer (RET) in complex I. It has been shown that RET is responsible for the oxidative tissue damage occurring during heart attacks and strokes, the onset of different severe neurodegenerative diseases and even ageing itself.  At the moment, there is no model system for RET that is readily accessible to genetic modification, and RET has never been demonstrated in prokaryotic complex I. 

In his project, Olivier aims to establish a minimal model system for the RET reaction using a prokayotic version of complex I that can easily be manipulated for mechanistic and functional studies.