Milo Keynes Prize awarded to Pedro Guiomar

Pedro Guiomar has been awarded the Milo Keynes Prize for the academic year 2019–20, in recognition of the very high quality of his PhD thesis entitled “The role of RNA modifications in mitochondrial translation”.

The Milo Keynes Prize is awarded by the Degree Committee for the Faculties of Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, on behalf of the Director of Postgraduate Education for the School of Clinical Medicine.

Milo Keynes FRCS; MB BChir; MD; MChir; DM (Oxford) (9 August 1924 – 18 February 2009) was a General surgeon, medical editor and writer. He was also the Great-grandson of Charles Darwin, and a nephew of John Maynard Keynes. Milo studied at Trinity College before taking up his clinical studies at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. Following this time at St Bart’s, and back in Cambridge as a surgical registrar, Milo took a Nuffield Foundation Medical Fellowship in Harvard and the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. On returning to the UK, Milo held further positions at St Bart’s as a senior surgical registrar, the Nuffield University of Oxford Department of Surgery and the Radcliffe Infirmary before returning to Cambridge in 1973 as a part-time clinical anatomist. It was then that Milo became an editor of medical books and developed his career as a writer and historian. On his death, Milo bequeathed a sum to the University in order to establish the Milo Keynes Fund to support prizes for exceptional research.

Pedro is continuing his research in the Unit as Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mitochondrial Genetics research group, led by Dr Michal Minczuk, who was also Pedro's PhD supervisor. Congratulations Pedro!