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Welcome to Dr Julien Prudent - Group Leader

We welcome Dr Julien Prudent, who joins the MBU today as the leader of a new research group working on Mitochondrial Physiology.

Dr Prudent's research here will focus on the investigation of the function of the ER/mitochondria contact sites in cell physiology and disease.

Dr Prudent is originally from Lyon, France and joins us from McGill University, Canada.

We wish Dr Prudent every success with his research programme.

MitoMiner database version 4.0 launched

MitoMiner is a scientific database of mammalian mitochondrial localisation evidence, phenotypes and diseases.

Version 4 of the database is now ‘gene centric’ making it much easier to search. This release also includes new phenotype and interaction data types.

More information can be found on the MitoMiner website.

Mike Murphy delivers The Keilin Memorial Lecture 2016

The Keilin Memorial Lecture in 2016 was delivered by Mike Murphy at The Biochemical Society's 79th Harden Conference, 'Oxygen Evolution and Reduction - Common Principles'.

The Conference was held at Grauer Bär, Innsbruck, Austria from 16—20 April 2016, where Mike was presented with the Keilin Medal and a prize of £2000.

Professor Sir John Walker: GAPSummit 2016

Professor Sir John Walker talks at the GAPSummit 2016. During the three days of the GapSummit the Leaders of Tomorrow will learn from and challenge current leaders in the bioeconomy through a programme which is dedicated to addressing 7 gaps in biotechnology:

Research and Innovation Gap
Funding Gap
Future Health Gap
Future Resources Gap
People Gap
Bioethics Gap
Public Perception and Education Gap…/gapsummit-2016/

Edward Chouchani awarded Early Career Research Award

Congratulations to Dr Edward Chouchani, who has been awarded a Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award for research in the field of Energy and Metabolism. Edward is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, USA and he is a past PhD student of Dr Mike Murphy at the MBU.

The full list of 2017 Biochemical Society Award winners can be found here:

Mike Murphy appointed Honorary Research Professor, Otago

Congratulations to Mike Murphy (Group Leader, Mitochondrial Dysfunction), who has been appointed as an Honorary Research Professor at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

This appointment will commence on 1 June 2016, for a period of three years. Mike will be affiliated with Otago's Department of Chemistry and will make regular trips to the University during this time. Mike will continue to be based at the MBU and retains all his current responsibilities here.

Mike Murphy receives a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award

Congratulations to Mike Murphy (Group Leader, Mitochondrial Dysfunction).

Along with Professor Richard Hartley at the University of Glasgow, Mike is the recipient of a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, which will fund a collaboration to further the exploration of mitochondrial metabolism in health and disease using targeted biological chemistry.


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