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Symmetry points to transport mechanism

By looking at the symmetry of residues around the inside of the cavity in the mitochondrial transporters, Alan Robinson, Catherine Overy and Edmund Kunji have proposed a mechanism for how these proteins may work.

The mechanism of transport by mitochondrial carriers based on analysis of symmetry.

Robinson, A. J., Overy, C. & Kunji, E. R. S. (2008)

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 105, 17766 - 17771.

MitoMiner: integrated mitochondrial database

It has been estimated that approximately 1500 different proteins are present within the mammalian mitochondrion1, but despite intense interest in this organelle, its proteome has yet to be accurately defined and characterized. Efforts have been made to identify these mitochondrial proteins and their post-translational modifications in order to further understand mitochondrial metabolism and bioenergetics2,3. This has resulted in the generation of large volumes of mitochondrial proteomic data from complete organelle studies to in-depth analyses of protein complexes.


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