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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


The Unit has developed a Public Engagement and Communication plan with the following aims:

  • To engage with fellow scientists to promote the Unit’s scientific research, both to enable further scientific endeavour and to raise awareness among potential collaborators. This activity will enhance the reputation of the Unit as a centre of expertise and knowledge in the wider world.

  • To engage with artists and designers to promote the Unit’s scientific research in particular among public audiences. We will continue to use collaborations with artists and designers to promote the scientific work of the Unit to a wider audience.

  • For scientists to communicate with regional, national and international journalists and media to raise awareness of the Unit’s scientific research among public and other stakeholder audiences.

  • To provide opportunities for the Unit’s scientists to make an active contribution to our public engagement and communication activities with the public through which they will raise awareness of their work, explain the science behind their discoveries, distribute knowledge and inspire future scientists.

  • To disseminate scientific research regionally, nationally and internationally and thus improve familiarity among opinion and decision makers raising political recognition of the Unit’s research.

  • To enhance communication skills of the Unit’s scientists related to various stakeholders such as a general public, industry and media.