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  • 28Jun

    Dr Gaynor Smith, Cardiff University

    Unbiased Genetic Screening to find Modifiers of Mitochondria in Neurons

  • 13Sep

    Professor Simon Heales, University College London

    Title to be confirmed

  • 04Oct

    Dr Viktor Korolchuk, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University 

    Title to be confirmed

  • 18Oct

    Professor Robert Taylor, Wellcome Centre Mitochondrial Research, Newcastle University

    Title to be confirmed

  • 01Nov

    Professor Ville Kaila, Stockholm University 

    Title to be confirmed 

  • 15Nov

    Professor Stefan Jakobs, Max Planck Institute, Germany 

    Title to be confirmed 

  • 13Dec

    Professor Pierre Vanderhaeghen, VIB-KU Leuven Center for Brain & Disease Research, Belgium

    Title to be confirmed