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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


The MBU’s Wellbeing, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (MBU WIDE) Committee represents all staff groups across the Unit, and the MBU’s various Equality, Positive Culture and Wellbeing Champions at the School of Clinical Medicine. You can contact us here.

Objectives of the MBU WIDE Committee

The main objectives of the MBU WIDE committee are:

  • To ensure balanced representation of the various views and experiences of all staff groups at the MBU.
  • To ensure that everybody feels included by creating an environment and research culture that allows everyone to thrive, free from barriers to entry, participation and progression. Diversity in background, experience and opinion is supported, respected and perceived as inspiration and a start for dialogue.
  • To raise awareness about the University’s Dignity @ Work Policy and provide staff with the appropriate resources, in case they receive or witness inappropriate behaviour (e.g harassment, bullying, discrimination etc).
  • To provide guidance to people that seek advice for wellbeing or face mental health issues.
  • To organise events, courses and activities to create equal opportunities and promote career progression.
  • To organise and retain a mentoring scheme for "near-peer" advice on career progression and opportunities, alternative professional pathways, guidance on practical matters (grant applications, job interviews etc) and scientific discussion.
  • To have a robust system of prospective data collection about wellbeing, equality and diversity in the different staff groups and seniority levels in order to allow critical reflection on our practices and to provide objective impact measures on our policies.
  • To organise annual surveys, in order to monitor progress, evaluate the impact of implemented changes and give a voice to any underlying issues.

Committee members

Andrew Raine
Andrew is the Head of IT in the Unit. He believes it is essential that the Unit continues to develop a supportive and inclusive environment so that all members of our community can enjoy contributing to the world-class research undertaken here.

Dylan Ryan
Dylan is a postdoctoral researcher in the Unit working in the field of immunometabolism. Given the challenges currently facing early career researchers, Dylan has joined the MBU WIDE committee to help promote wellbeing in the workplace and contribute to a positive and inclusive culture for all students and staff.

Edmund Kunji
Edmund is a group leader in the Unit and he is passionate about this subject as he believes that we need the talents of everyone to solve the difficult problems in science.

Jelle van den Ameele

Jelle is a group leader in the Unit, and the founder of the WIDE committee. He is a positive culture champion at the Clinical School, has three young children, and cares about creating an open, supportive and inclusive research culture in his lab and across the Unit.

Hiran Prag
Hiran is a Post Doc in the unit and is keen to help support the development of a working environment that is inclusive and equal for all to thrive.


Irina James
As the Unit Manager (i.e. Departmental Administrator) I provide reporting support to the committee and, having been at the MBU since 2004, I have a good understanding of the Unit and the way a scientific organisation like ours works with its many complexities and demands.  I provide continuity of experience and an oversight of the Unit based on my unique position.

Lindsey Van Haute
I'm Lindsey, postdoc staff member in the mitochondrial genetics group. I'm an equality champion and one of the creators of the MBU PostDoc Society.


Penny Peck
I'm the Unit's Communications and Postgraduate Manager.



Roula Tavoulari
I am a Senior Research Associate and have worked at the MBU since 2015. I have joined the WIDE committee to contribute in establishing an inclusive working culture that will provide equal opportunities for all. 

Stephen Burr
I am a postdoc in Patrick Chinnery's group and am keen to promote wellbeing, inclusivity and equal opportunity for everyone working at the MBU.


How are we doing?

We are keen to receive feedback and suggestions and welcome anyone who would like to join our meetings and activities. Don’t hesitate to send us an email, or talk to us in the corridor.

MBU WIDE alumni: Vasiliki Mavridou.