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Horvath Group

The Horvath Laboratory is a research group dedicated to improving the understanding of genetic neurological conditions, with a focus on mitochondrial and neurogenetic disease. The focus of her research is to identify key molecular disease mechanisms with the aim of developing treatments for patients with rare inherited neurological conditions, such as mitochondrial and Charcot–Marie–Tooth diseases.

Yu Wai Man Group

Dr Patrick Yu Wai Man is an academic neuro-ophthalmologist with a major research interest in mitochondrial eye diseases.

His research programme is currently focused on dissecting the molecular genetic basis and the disease mechanisms leading to progressive retinal ganglion cell loss in mitochondrial optic neuropathies.  He has established the Cambridge Clinical Vision Laboratory to drive forward innovation and support clinical trials on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, with a particular focus on gene therapy and cell-based therapies for ocular and neurodegenerative diseases.