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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


Judy Hirst

Mitochondrial complex I: An intricate energy-converting machine, a cornerstone of mitochondrial metabolism, and a locus of mitochondrial dysfunction and disease






Patrick Chinnery

Mitochondrial Genomics: Inherited and acquired variants of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in human health and disease






Edmund Kunji

Mitochondrial transport proteins: Highly dynamic integral membrane proteins required for the translocation of metabolites and cofactors, key to the function of the mitochondrion






Michal Minczuk

Mitochondrial genetics: Mitochondrial genome engineering to unravel the genetic links between mitochondrial gene regulation and human disease for future therapies






Michael Murphy

Mitochondrial ROS production: Central to many pathologies and signalling processes and a key target for novel therapies






Kasparas Petkevicius

Mitochondrial phospholipids: Understanding the regulation and the biological importance of mitochondrial phospholipid composition







Julien Prudent

Mitochondrial cell biology: Mitochondrial dynamics and membrane contact sites as key regulators of cell fate decisions





Dylan Ryan

Mitochondrial metabolism: Metabolic reprogramming and metabolite signalling as regulators of inflammatory disease






Jelle van den Ameele

Mitochondria in development: Neural stem cell-niche interactions that protect the developing and aging brain against mitochondrial dysfunction






John Walker

Mitochondrial ATP synthase: cellular power generator, determinant of mitochondrial cristae formation, a site linked to human diseases






Alex Whitworth

Mitochondria in neurodegeneration: Investigating the role of mitochondria and metabolism in the cause and therapeutic targeting of neurodegenerative diseases