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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


The MRC MBU has very close interactions with the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University, and the Clinical Mitochondrial Research Group, MitoCamb, at Addenbrooke’s University Hospitals, NHS Trust.

The research groups of our two clinician group leaders, Professor Patrick Chinnery and Dr Jelle van den Ameele, are part of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. Their lab spaces and scientists are all based at the MBU, and form an integral part of our community. However, for administrative reasons, students interested in joining these groups should apply through the Department’s own PhD programme.

Two further clinician members of the Department, Professor Rita Horvath and Dr Patrick Yu Wai Man are associated members of the MBU. Their work is focused on understanding and treating primary mitochondrial diseases, and they maintain close interactions with all research groups at the MBU.

These interactions strengthen the connection between scientists in the MBU and the growing team of mitochondrial clinicians at Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH). Together, we explore and realise clinical translation of basic research findings, to impact on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of primary mitochondrial diseases and other disorders caused by mitochondrial dysfunction. 



Information for patients

There are three specialised clinics for patients with mitochondrial disorders in Addenbrooke's:
- The adult neurogenetics clinic is held in clinic 43 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital on Friday afternoons.
The paediatric mitochondrial neurology clinic is held at the Child Development Centre in Addenbrooke's. 
- The mitochondrial neuro-ophtalmology clinics are in Addenbrooke’s Clinic 3, and in Moorfields Eye Hospital.

More information, also about ongoing clinical studies, can be found on the MitoCamb website of the Cambridge Clinical Mitochondrial Research Group, where you can also find our Patient Newsletter. Enquiries are also welcome email.


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