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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


Dnyanesh Dubal










Dr. Dnyanesh Dubal is a developmental neurobiologist with a background in cell and mitochondrial biology. He received his PhD from IISER, Pune in India under the supervision of Prof. Richa Rikhy where he worked on understanding the function of mitochondria in neural stem cell development. Currently, Dr. Dubal is working as a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Jelle van den Ameele’s lab at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences and MRC-Mitochondrial Biology Unit (MBU) in the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Research Interests

Dr. Dubal is dedicated to understanding how stem cells respond to mitochondrial dysfunction, with a focus on neural stem cells of the developing Drosophila brain. His research combines advanced techniques in cell biology and fly genetics such as innovative targeted DamID-seq to uncover the complex mechanisms that govern cell behavior in response to stress and injury. His recent publication in the Development journal titled “mitochondrial respiration and dynamics of in vivo neural stem cells” discusses latest findings of mitochondrial role in the neural stem cell development in Drosophila and mouse models. Through his work, he hopes to contribute to a deeper understanding of the molecular and cellular processes that underlie brain development and disease.

Selected Publications

Dubal D, Moghe P, Verma RK, Uttekar B, Rikhy R (2022)
Mitochondrial fusion regulates proliferation and differentiation in the type II neuroblast lineage in Drosophila
PLoS Genet 18, e1010055

Petridi S*, Dubal D*, Rikhy R, van den Ameele J (2022)
Mitochondrial respiration and dynamics of in vivo neural stem cells
Development 149, dev200870
(*equal contribution)

Chowdhary S, Tomer D, Dubal D et al. (2017)
Analysis of mitochondrial organization and function in the Drosophila blastoderm embryo
Sci Rep 7, 5502