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Alice P Sowton





















Dr Alice Sowton completed her BA in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, before being awarded a British Heart Foundation studentship to do a MRes in cardiovascular medicine and a PhD in metabolic physiology with Prof. Andrew Murray and Prof. Julian Griffin (now at The Rowett Institute) at Cambridge (Dept. Physiology, Development and Neuroscience). During her PhD she worked on interactions between hypoxia and lipid metabolism during the progression of obesity and type-2 diabetes. Since 2023, Dr Sowton is a postdoctoral research associate at the MBU within Prof. Edmund Kunji’s group.

Research Interests

Dr Alice Sowton is currently researching the bioenergetic and metabolic consequences of citrin deficiency by studying the involvement of citrin in cellular processes in healthy and diseased states. More broadly Dr Sowton is interested in mitochondrial and metabolic dysfunction in hepatic pathologies and how this integrates with metabolic diseases across organ systems.

Selected Publications

Sowton AP, Padmanabhan N, Tunster SJ, McNally BD, Murgia A, Yusuf A, Griffin JL, Murray AJ, Watson ED (2020)
Mtrr hypomorphic mutation alters liver morphology, metabolism and fuel storage in mice
Mol Genet Metab Rep 23, 100580

O’Brien KA, McNally BD, Sowton AP, Murgia A, Armtiage J, Thomas LW, Krause F.N, Maddalena LA, Francis I, Kavanagh S, Williams DP, Ashcroft M, Griffin JL, Lyon JJ, Murray, AJ (2021)
Enhanced hepatic respiratory capacity and altered lipid metabolism support metabolic homeostasis during short-term hypoxic stress
BMC Biol 19, 1-20

Sowton AP, Griffin JL, Murray AJ (2019)
Metabolic profiling of the diabetic heart: toward a richer picture
Front Physiol 10, 639.