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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit



The main purpose of the MBU's mentoring programme is to provide everyone with the opportunity to discuss career-related questions or issues with so-called "near-peers", who have progressed just a little bit further in their academic career than yourself. This comes in addition to some of the existing mentoring schemes, in- and outside the university that you are encouraged to join as well, and is complementary to your current supervisor or advisor at the MBU.

The mentoring scheme not only creates a low-threshold opportunity to freely talk about career progression, but also fosters interactions and collaborations between different labs in the MBU, helps newcomers find their way in Cambridge and the University, and provides an opportunity for postdocs to start practicing mentoring skills that will be highly relevant for any type of career they would later like to pursue.

Relevant links to information about being a mentor/mentee:

The MBU held a Mentoring Workshop on 4 May 2021, together with Miranda Carr from the University’s Personal and Professional Development Team, and we plan to repeat this yearly.  Everyone is also encouraged to sign up for the University's training "Introduction to mentoring: for mentors and mentees".

More information, and short profiles of all the mentors can be found on the MBU Intranet pages. For further information, please contact the MBU WIDE Committee.