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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit



The Postgraduate Student Society plays a large role in supporting students throughout their time at the MBU. This includes helping them to settle into their new studies, and discussing any student issues with the Director. The 2021-2022 President is Robert Waddell.

Academic activities are organised for students throughout the year to promote discussion of science. Weekly journal clubs with pizza are very popular, and students are also involved in selecting and inviting speakers to take part in the unit seminars. There are also student-oriented meetups and symposiums to network between institutes.




The Postgraduate Student Society also has a social element, organising a variety of activities for students. This includes formals, pub trips, quizzes, meals, and punting!

There are also social events organised between departments, such as Networking Hour (Not Working Hour) where students and researchers from both the MBU and CIMR can grab a drink, some snacks, and have a catch up.



“I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year at the MBU. It is fantastic to be surrounded by experts from multiple disciplines and I feel extremely well-supported by my PI, members of my lab and members of other labs.”

Billy Fisher, Complex I


“It has been great to not only study at the MBU, but also to be part of a vibrant student community! It really helped me to feel welcomed and to settle in when I started my PhD!”

Alannah King, Carriers