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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


On 18 March, the MBU joined other scientific organisations based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus for our first CBC in-person Cambridge Festival event since lockdown.

Alongside Penny Peck and Alex Whitworth, Alva Casey (Murphy Group), Dnyanesh Dubal (van den Ameele Group), Alannah King (Kunji Group), Nell Nie (Chinnery Group), Dylan Ryan (Ryan Group) and Ana Terriente-Felix (Whitworth Group) took our MITOTrumps game, a fluorescent light microscope with flies, our "Eliminate the Mutant mtDNA" game and Mitochondrial Pinball. We engaged with visitors of all ages, some scientists, some professionals and some patients, and we had great fun discussing all things mitochondria.  

MITOTrumps has been a huge success and we have received many requests for take-home packs so, after receiving sponsorship from the MRC, we are about to start a programme of sharing packs with schools in Cambridgeshire.