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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


We are extremely proud to share the news that the MRC MBU’s Green Team has been awarded the Bronze award for the 2020-2021 academic year by the Sustainability Team at the University of Cambridge.

The auditor really enjoyed meeting members of the team, saying that “It was a pleasure to audit this team, they’ve done fantastic work implementing new sustainability measures across their unit and there’s excellent energy and enthusiasm from the team.”

The auditor also commended the engagement levels of the MBU’s new environment committee, our comprehensive new induction materials and signage to enable pro-environmental behaviours across the Unit.

We announced the Unit’s sustainability initiatives and achievements on our Twitter feed and we have listed them here for further information.

The Green Team has been making the MRC MBU greener, one step at a time. We recycle coffee pods, pipette tip boxes, and we make sure batteries are disposed of appropriately.
We have reduced the numbers of fridges and -20 ºC and -80 ºC freezers in use by at least 15% by rationalising our storage.

We plan to add to these initiatives and achievements in our efforts to make the MBU greener.

The Unit has received a certificate and other resources to help share its success, and we look forward to seeing the physical award slate after the Green Impact awards ceremony in July.

Congratulations to the MBU Green Team:

Michele Frison, Iacopo Bicci, Dan Grba, Anja Gruszczyk, Pedro Guiomar, Antony Hynes-Allen, Alannah King, Leonor Miller-Fleming, Andrew Raine, David Pate, Ana Terriente-Felix, Lisa Tilokani, Haixin Zhan.

Thank you for all your hard work!