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MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit


Michal Minczuk, leader of the MRC MBU's Mitochondrial Genetics research group, has been awarded a further grant from The Champ Foundation to continue his research into Pearson Syndrome - a multi-system disease caused by a deletion in mitochondrial DNA.

Funding was awarded in 2017 for a two-year project, which led to the development of a new DNA-editing tool aimed at generating mouse models for diseases caused by mitochondrial DNA deletions using various engineered nucleases.

This year's generous award, of $120,000 over two years, will allow these experiments to be taken forward in vivo, led by Pedro Pinheiro, who is experienced in modelling human disease in the mouse and also in gene therapy of mitochondrial disorders. Pedro is currently a final year PhD student in Michal's research group, who will continue on this project as a postdoctoral fellow.

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